Reservation / Inquiries


For the following reasons, we recommend that you make a reservation well in advance of your preferred date.
* The closer your preferred date is, the fewer there are seats left.
* It takes some time to complete the procedure of your reservation.

The reservations via contact form (on our website) must be made by 3 days before your preferred date at the latest.
Please contact us by phone if you wish to make a reservation for the day after next.
(Helicopter Cruise Reservation Center : +81-47-380-5555)


Closing days

There is no cruising service on Thursday and Sunday.
Please call us if you need more information.



Advance payment online is required.
1. Please send us a reservation request via contact form or telephone.
2. After receiving a reservation request either through our website or phones,
we will send you an e-mail with the payment procedure form attached.
3. Please enter your credit card number, the expiring date and the security code to purchase your ticket following
the procedure.
Please note that there is a deadline for the payment, which is 48 hours after you receive the e-mail with
the payment form.
4. Your reservation is completed when you receive booking confirmation slip by e-mail.

If you don’t receive those e-mails from us, please let us know about that via e-mail or phone.

Authorized credit card

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation due to personal reasons incurs the cancellation charge as below.
* Up to 8 days before the flight date: 0%
* From 7 days before to 2 days before the flight date: 20%
* The day before the flight date: 50%
* On the flight date: 100%

The cancellation due to bad weather doesn't incur the cancellation charge.

Change of reservation

If you wish to change your reservation (flight date, departure time or course), please let us know by 2 days before your original flight date.
You may need to pay the change charge for the change of reservation made on the day or the previous day.
Change of the flight course and flight date may incur the amount of difference.

Reservation / Inquiries Form

Please fill in the form below and send us your information.
We will reply to your reservation request or inquiries in a few days via e-mail.
If you don’t receive e-mails from us, we would like you to inform us about that through e-mail or telephone.


Helicopter Cruise Reservation Center


13:00-17:00 (Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri)