Optional Plan

 Proposal Plan

Why don't you try telling your feelings to your important person in the sky?

It's a time and a space only for two of you in a chartered helicopter.
You'll propose with the ring which you brought into a helicopter while looking at the romantic twilight or night view of Tokyo.
It'll be to become the one scene to remain in your heart throughout your life.

After your flight, we'll give a proposal certificate with a photo of the aircraft which you boarded to you for your memorial day.
You can take off the photo of an aircraft too.
Therefore, I think it'll become a good memory even if you put a photo which you took by yourself in it.
Do you wanna drink champagne of your celebration in the lobby lounge which can see so nice view?

Excel Air Service supports your important day.
You're welcome to talk to us anytime.

 Charter Advantages

* Proposal Plan
-You can charter a helicopter.
-We'll support that you bring your ring into a helicopter.
-We'll present a glass of champagne to you(Per person).
-We'll present a proposal certificate with an aircraft photo to you.
-You can combine with various options together.


*If you want a shared flight, we can issue the proposal certificate by options.
*Please call us beforehand if you wanna bring your ring into a helicopter.
*Please call us for more information.

 Optional Plan

On a birthday celebration, a wedding anniversary, 60th birthday celebration and so on...

Why don't you send optional gifts to be more memorable and to make a special memorial day?
Excel Air Service has various option services, and we'll support to arrange your memorial day.

You can combine the services which you like from next A, B, C and D.

(This amount includes tax.)

A. Anniversary cake: JPY1,500

It's a cake and icecream plate with some celebration messages and names.
When you'll book it, please tell us the messages that you wanna put.

Happy Birthday / ANNIVERSARY
THANK YOU / Will you marry me?
WITH LOVE etc...

*1 Contents of the cakes have the possibility of changing.
*2 After your flight, we'll serve it at your seat.
*3 We'll serve a soft drink together with a cake.(We have a drink menu)
*4 Please make a reservation by 2 hours before your boarding time.
B. Flower Bouquet: from JPY4,500

More details can be found here.
We usually give you the flower bouquet at a reception counter
after your flight.

C-1. A wood frame with an aircraft photo: JPY2,000

Please choose a plate to attach on a Wood frame
from all over 3 kinds of the next.
1. Happy Birthday
2. For you
3. いつもありがとう (Thank you for everything in japanese)

C-2. A boarding certificate with an aircraft photo: JPY1,500

Would you like to keep this moment as special memory?
Then, we would like to offer you a "Boarding Certificate".
This certificate comes with sign for title of the course and helicopter type.
Also you will get signature from pilot of the day.

C-3. A proposal certificate with an aircraft photo: JPY1,500

Why don't we help your proposal date to be more special?
We also do have certificate for proposal of marriage.
For this chance would you like to leave your memory here
at Excel Air Service?
Pilot of the day will be your witness.

Frame and certificate's picture will be the helicopter boarded on that day.
The picture is removable. This could use as just photo frame.

D. Champagne: from JPY1,300

Before or after your flight,
you can drink a glass of champagne/a bottle of champagne at the lounge.
If you ordered a bottle type, the take-out is possible too.

Please choose what you like from below.
-Laurent-Perrier(375ML): JPY4,500
-Laurent-Perrier(750ML): JPY9,000
-Dom Perignon(750ML): JPY28,000

*You can't bring it into a helicopter.
*If you have a request in a timing to serve champagne,please tell us beforehand.
*We'll present a glass of champagne to you if you book a charter flight.


*Please call us for more information.