About Reservations

Q1. How can I check the flight availability ?
Please contact us by phone or contact form on our website to check the flight availability.
*Helicopter Cruise Reservation Center : +81-47-380-5555
Q2. Are reservations required ?
A2. Yes.
Basically, advanced reservations are required for our helicopter cruising.
Reservations can be made up to 2 days in advance.
Please contact us by phone or contact form on our website for making a reservation.
*Helicopter Cruise Reservation Center : +81-47-380-5555
Q3. How can I make a reservation ?
Please contact us by phone or contact form on our website for making a reservation.
Reservations can be made up to 2 days in advance.
*Helicopter Cruise Reservation Center : +81-47-380-5555
Q4. How many days in advance can you accept the reservation ?
We can accept the reservation from 2 months to 2 days before your preferred date.
Q5. Can I cancel the flight after making reservation ?
The cancellation due to personal reasons incurs the cancellation charge as below.
* Up to 8 days before the flight date: 0%
* From 7days before to 2 days before the flight date: 20%
* The day before the flight date: 50%
* On the flight date: 100%

The cancellation due to bad weather doesn't incur the cancellation charge.
Q6. Is it possible to change the reservation ?
If you wish to change your reservation (flight date, departure time or course),
please let us know by 2 days before your original flight date.
You may need to pay the change charge for the change of reservation made on the day or the previous day.
Change of the flight course and flight date may incur the amount of difference.

 About Flight Fares

Q7. I would like to know about the price.
Please refer to the price list on our website.
Q8. Please give me information about payment procedure.
Advance payment online is required.
After making a reservation through the contact form or by phone, we will send you an e-mail with the payment procedure form attached.
You will need.....
* Your credit card number
* The expiration date
* The security code
* Your 3D Secure password (if applicable) *Using 3D Secure. Click here for details.
Please note that there is a deadline for the payment, which is 48 hours after you receive the e-mail with the payment form.
Your reservation is completed when you receive booking confirmation slip by e-mail.

 About Helicopter Cruising

Q9. How many passengers can be on board at the same flight ?
Basically, we arrange 5-seater helicopter for the flight, so 5 people can be on the same flight at a maximum.
Q10. How high does the helicopter fly over ?
Usually our helicopter flies over more than 600m (1800 feet) for the safe flight and avoiding the noise problem.
Q11. What can I see during the flight ?
It depends on the flight course, but usually you can see Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Sky tree®, Roppongi and Akihabara and so on during the flight.
Q12. Is there the flight time-table ?
No. We don't have the flight time-table.
We have different flight schedule depending on date, season and flight course, so please ask us about available time.
Q13. Is there a possibility of cancellation of my flight even if it's not raining ?
In case we judge that strong wind and low ceiling can affect the safe flight, your flight can be cancelled even if it's not raining.
Please make sure to check the flight status on the day before you come to the heliport.
Q14. What should I do if the weather is not good on the day ?
There is the possibility that your flight is cancelled.
Please make sure to confirm the flight status on the day before you come to the heliport.

*** How to check the flight status on the day ***
Information service time :
___30/40/50/60 min Cruise
______2:00pm-3:00pm Flight : after 12:30pm
______7:00pm-8:30pm Flight : after 3:30pm
* By Phone : +81-47-380-5555
* On the Website : Check the front page.
Q15. What should I do if my flight is cancelled due to bad weather ?
If your flight is cancelled due to bad weather, please reschedule the flight date by the expiry date (within 2 months), or offer a refund.
If you don't make a rebooking or offer a refund by the expiry date, your reservation may become invalid and you might not be able to get a refund.
The cancellation due to weather condition or other inevitable reasons doesn't incur the cancellation charge.
There are times when the difference of the boarding fee occurs when you change your course, date and time.
Q16. Is it possible to take a flight in a big group ?
Please consult us in advance if you wish to reserve for more than 5 people.

 About boarding

Q17. Are there any items prohibited to carry in the helicopter ?
We request our guests to leave all baggage except for cameras in the locker before boarding.
Cigarette and lighters, electronic devices including i-pod, food and drink are not allowed to carry in the helicopter.
(You can take your cell-phone, even if you set "flight mode".)

There is the strong wind blowing down from the main rotor when boarding and disembarking, so we recommend you don't take your hats or scarf in the helicopter.
Q18. Are we allowed to take photos and videos from the helicopter ?
Yes, You can take photos by using camera function of your cell phone.
And normal camera and video camera are allowed to carry in the helicopter, so you can take photos inside.

Please follow instructions below, if you wish to take your camera to the helicopter.
* Please switch off the flash function and never use it inside the helicopter.
* You go through the hanger and helipad on the way to the helicopter, Please understand that photography is restricted in those areas. (The photography is only allowed in the helicopter after takeoff)
* Please refrain from taking photos when boarding and disembarking.
* Please refrain from taking photos of the pilot or cockpit inside.
* Please have good manners for other passengers on board.
Q19. I would like to give the surprise gift to my girl friend in the helicopter.
Basically, we request our guests to leave all baggage except for cameras in the locker before boarding.
If you are thinking preparing a surprise gift for your companion, please consult us in advance.
Q20. Is it loud in the helicopter ?
You hear the rotors running, but you have no difficulty in talking with your companion.
Q21. What is the temperature like in the helicopter ?
The cabin is air-conditioned, so the temperature is quite comfortable inside.
Please come to the heliporot with normal clothes.
Q22. Are we allowed to eat and drink in the helicopter ?
Unfortunately, you are not allowed to eat or drink in the helicopter.
Q23. In case that we are late for the check-in time, is it treated as a cancellation ?
Yes, if you are late for the check-in time (30 minutes prior to the flight departure time), there is the possibility that you miss the flight.
And also, you may need to pay the cancellation charge.
Please arrive at the heliport with time to spare.


Q24. Is there a parking area in the heliport ?
Yes. We have a free parking in the heliport.
Q25. How can we get to the heliport from the closest station ?
We recommend that you take a taxi from our closest station (JR Maihama station) to get to "URAYASU heliport".
It takes about 10 minutes from the station to the heliport by taxi.
Please refer to this page for further information about access.
Q26. I would like to use the taxi when we go home.
We will arrange a taxi for you.
Please let us know after the flight if you need a taxi for your way back.

 Other Questions

Q27. Can the infants be on board together ?
The children under 3 years old can be on adult's lap during the flight.
Q28. Can the pregnant women ride the helicopter ?
There is no restriction, but we are not willing to accept them because it can cause harmful effect on pregnant woman.
If you wish to take a flight, please consult your doctor in advance.
Q29. Is there no problem for the elderly people to be on board ?
We don't have age restriction, but our facility is not free of barrier, so please consult us in advance if you are unsure.
Q30. I am in a wheelchair. Can I ride the helicopter ?
Mostly yes, but it depends on your symptoms or circumstances. Please consult us in advance.
Q31. Are there any restrictions for riding the helicopters ?
Our company has a list of conditions.
The person who cannot meet those conditions is not permitted to participate in our helicopter cruising.
Q32. Is there a place to eat at the heliport ?
We don’t have any food and light meal.
Q33. Can I make a booking for charter flight ?
Yes, All of our cruising courses are for the charter flight.
Q34. Can I use the free Wi-Fi in the lounge ?
Yes, we have Free Wi-Fi service in the heliport lounge.